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Items are usually necessary in all games and for this reason, we will explain how to get tendrils in Ship of Fools.

What are the tendrils in Ship of Fools?

  These are nothing more than a currency that we have in this game, rather, the only currency that we can keep in our careers, this currency is usually vital for the next updates that this game has, as well as being viable for run shopping for ammunition and trinkets.

How to get tendrils in Ship of Fools?

It is important to consider that this game usually has a total of 4 bosses that usually give us Tendrils when defeated, these bosses are:
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    • Tentacles: this is the first boss and usually gives us 3 tendrils.
    • Claws: This is the second boss and he usually gives us 4 tendrils.
    • Heads: this is the third boss and he will give us 5 tendrils.
    • Note: this is the fourth boss and he will give us 6 tendrils.


     Once we manage to defeat these bosses we can get many tendrils quickly.

    Knowing how to get tendrils in Ship of Fools makes it necessary to take into account:


    •  Farm tendrils are usually earned by getting a high score run.
    • Every time we lose or complete the race we will get a score based on the number of items we had or the enemies we have killed or the sand dollars we have collected.
    • It should be noted that the higher the numbers, the higher the score.
    • It is ideal to exceed the point thresholds of 150, 300, 500, 700 and more to get a tendril.
    • Achieving a high score in the game can be done with ammunition that we have earned from sand dollars for each hit and this allows us to get a lot of tendrils at the end of our career.
    • Going to the symbols that usually look somewhat like jellyfish on the map and proceeding to hit each barrel and a store crate is another quick way to get tendrils.
    • We must look for the barrels and the boxes because they always tend to house tendrils, sometimes these can float in the encounters.


     Note: one of the disadvantages that we have is that it is never usually enough to get the necessary amount of tendrils, we must always be looking for them.

     This is all you need to know about How to get tendrils in Ship of Fools, you just have to focus on applying the methods described here.

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