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Shadowgun War Games: How To Win TDM

2020-02-19 17:30:50

On this occasion we bring a Shadowgun War Games guide where we will talk about How to win TDM.

Shadowgun War Games has been waiting for a long time, now it is here, a multiplayer shooter that is covering the expectations of many of us, here we will find many characters for our choice, where we can kill our enemies, capture flags and very high emotion, we have A question to be solved, which will be dealt with in this guide, being this How to win TDM, let's see what brings us the content about it.

What to know about Shadowgun War Games?

We will have many differences between Shadowgun Wars and Shadowgun, the comparisons are simple, something that we must take into account those that we already experienced before this game, this version has many more intense challenges than the previous version, it has a greater range of skills, stages and skills, being more competitive, we certainly have to try to play, since our skills will be constantly tested, which leads us to know how to win TDM and we will see it below.

How to earn TDM in Shadowgun War Games?


The knowledge of the map in Shadowgun War Games will be of great importance, since this way we will get the advantage before any battle, so it is essential to know all the corners of the map, the hiding places to use them and where those hidden objects are, we can use the pots, boxes, walls and other objects that are scattered support in the middle of a battle, we must consider that crouching on the objects can not be but it is better than being in the range of vision completely, so our enemy will be obliged to shoot much more until he runs out of ammunition, thus waiting for our opportunity to attack ideally, to have knowledge of all the sectors covered by the map, it will be easier for us to kill our enemy and guarantee our victory.

Character Choice

In Shadowgun War Games the heroes that are available accounts with their individual abilities, which generates the existence of differences when it comes to being in a battle, many have the healing between their abilities, which will help us in How to win TDM, Slade for example, this can also cause a great deal of damage to our enemies, in the case of another hero, we have Revenant, he has the ability of Inner Fury, neutralizing with it the damage we can receive, acquiring speed in a tank dangerous that crashes on the battlefield, in the end the choice of a character has great impact.

Use of ammunition and health

Looking for How to win TDM, we must use with caution our ammunition and health reserves, being limited the ammunition of the weapon that we carry, as for the second the supply has its limitations also and is less effective, in the stage it is possible that we obtain health and ammunition, but it is important to collect health by being in battle, in this way we have chances of winning without dying.


It is necessary that we enter the settings of our mobile to play an FPS, since this way we avoid the problems that could avoid our comfort of play, being in the beginning in the limit of 60 ideal FPS, lowering those of graphics also to 60, what that will cause our experience to be better when playing, in addition, reviewing the sensitivity adjustments will be necessary, this can influence the aim and could bother us if it is sensitive or not, if we want to have better accuracy we have to reduce the values ​​to the lowest that exists, the ADS mode is very useful in one touch and in the battle it will be very precise.

This is how we finalize our guide on How to win TDM, hoping that we can get the most out of Shadowgun War Games, a fairly lively game.

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