Lidia Rozo
2020-09-25 08:09:56

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Our work at Serious Sam 4 allows us to tell you how to get Dual-Wielding, let's see.

What does Serious Sam 4 bring us?

  This is a game that allows us to have the opportunity to combat a considerable amount of hordes of enemies that seem to be unlimited, however thanks to weapons and movements it is possible to make our way on this journey, for which to get an arsenal of weapons It is our best option, especially when we get Dual-Wielding it is more interesting since there is nothing more pleasant than eliminating an enemy with two shotguns.

How to get the Dual-Wielding in Serious Sam 4?

 It is possible to have the possibility of using Dual-Wielding weapons, because the action here is constant and the shotguns or assault rifles are simply fantastic, at least to begin with, however there are weapons that can be somewhat more complex and give us some attacks more forceful for which it is possible to make use of the grenade launcher or the rocket launcher, as they will be our best tools when a fight can become somewhat more hectic.

 Accessing dual-use skills simply costs us a total of 5 points, but to start and reach the first level, having 2 skill points will be more than enough, since it is natural to start from the bottom since this allows us to go little by little but in a safe way, because here it is necessary since the enemies are usually abundant.

 When we choose the two skills the door opens to dual handling, as this allows us to have the opportunity to carry two pistols, the detail is that they lack a bit of ammunition, however, it is something, for this we will have to choose throw them skill points from the left branch to opt to open the SAM tree and thereby make some necessary improvements.

 It is important to understand that the Dual-Wielding a weapon means double consumption of ammunition, so it is necessary to choose a single weapon that allows us to have all the possibilities of carrying out a complete task, without having to constantly return to reload. To do this, it is necessary to activate dual control with the left arrow key.

 Now that you know how to get the Dual-Wielding it is time to give it a try and see that eliminating the enemies here in Serious Sam 4 is simply not that complicated.

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