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Edelmira Leon
2022-01-05 13:17:36

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We hope you're ready to start the year knowing how to report players on Sea of Thieves, because this article covers everything about it.

What is the Sea of Thieves Code of Conduct?

It basically corresponds to the rules of good conduct that players must respect so that no problems are generated. In case users come across a player who does not respect the code of conduct, they will want to know how to report players in order to report them.

How to report players on Sea of Thieves?

The first thing you need to do is to collect as much image or video evidence as possible, which in effect proves the player's misbehavior. Please note that the evidence material submitted cannot be edited or this will disqualify your claims. You will also have to provide the player's Gamertag, as well as a description of the incident.

After this you will need to go to the Sea of Thieves support site and search for the words "Still need help?" click on it > then click on the green button that says "Submit a support request" > sign in with your Microsoft account > select one of the three options in the menu, according to the type of complaint you can make.
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After the report form, you will need to provide the evidence as well as the description to submit.

In case the file is very large, you can send a link to the video after uploading it to a streaming platform, just make sure to indicate the timestamp of when the infringement occurred. After sending the request, you will have to wait for the moderation team's response.

How to report players on Sea of Thieves? - Xbox Live

If you are an Xbox Live user, you will simply need to access the Xbox Console Companion for PC or the Console Guide > access the People and Friends section > select the problem player and click Report, regardless of whether they are friends or not.

Now that you know how to report players on Sea of Thieves, we hope that you can in this way help make everyone's game much more enjoyable and free of players that disturb the peace of mind of others.

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