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Sea of Thieves allows us to have many things which leads us to explain how to get pigs and pig crates, let's see.

What are the pigs in Sea of Thieves?

This game allows us to have the possibility of getting a lot of animals and therefore our job here is to tell you how to get pigs and pig crates, because this is a task that in a way can become lucrative, since they are usually wandering and exist The opportunity to take advantage of them, taking them and selling them, however, there are other options such as keeping them or simply making some type of exchange, as we mobilize we get interested in doing business and they can offer us gold.
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How to get pigs and pig crates in Sea of Thieves?

Before getting the pigs, it is necessary to locate the boxes, since they are the places where we can put these animals as soon as we get them, for this it is necessary:


  •  Accept the drawers of the "Mercantile Alliance", for this it is only necessary to approach the representative who will give us a box for each pig, this usually happens as soon as we manage to accept the commercial trip of the Alliance.
  • Get them: another way to have these drawers is to get them and for this it will only be necessary to take care of wandering, since it is only necessary to have the possibility of locating them next to the barrels that are on the island or on the shore of it.


 The pigs are usually located in several places, they are not necessarily there all the time, however taking a walk through these areas is not bad, and they are the following:

  •  Half Moon Island.
  • Crescent Island.
  • Mermaid's Hideout.
  • Sailor's reward.
  • Rest of the sea.
  • Rock Cay.
  • Canyon Creek.
  • Caleta del sol.
  • Valley of looting.
  • Fool's Lagoon.
  • The looker
  • Rum corridor island.
  • Shark Bait Creek.
  • Snake Island.
  • Spring of paradise.
  • Refuge from thieves.
  • Old faithful island.
  • Shipwreck Bay.
  • Laguna del ciego.
  • Rioting rock.
  • Shark tooth fell.
  • The sunken grove.
  • The fight of looting.
  • The autumn kraken.


 This is all you need to know about How to get pigs and pig crates, this way you will only have to do a search for Sea of Thieves and take some amount of animals to sell or trade them, good luck.

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