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We have for you an explanatory guide of Sakura Wars, which will cover all the details for knowing how to find the four-leaf clover.

What is there to know about the four leaf clover in Sakura Wars?

  This is one of the objectives of one of the missions that we will have to complete in the game, with our squad at the beginning of the game, so it will be necessary to know how to find the four-leaf clover, so for this reason you will have this guide to clarify all your doubts about it.
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How to find the four leaf clover in Sakura Wars?

 It is necessary that we go to the Imperial Estate, more precise to the patio to find this object, here we will see some points shining on the ground, which we are going to examine with the character, in the patio you have to get each one of these, how much it happens we will come to see that it is not possible in this region to find a four-leaf clover, so our next step is to go to the closest park that we have, after going through the patio, it is necessary that we do the same process that we apply in the patio, although none of the sparkles that we will examine will have the four-leaf clover, we must do these steps in order to advance in the search that we have.

 Once we get to the last one, we need to talk to a girl who is wearing a blue dress, she is near the picnic table, when speaking to her she will tell us that she was able to get a four-leaf clover and that she ended up offering us, without having to give you something in return, by having it in our inventory it is possible to complete this search and thus continue progressing in the game.

 It is clear that knowing how to find the four leaf clover helps us to progress and have more fun in Sakura Wars.

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