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With our Sakura Knight 2 guide you will learn more about How to get all endings in precise detail.

What to know about endings of Sakura Knight 2?

  We find that the endings for this games are 3, with the end of Felicia focused on complacency to the teacher, the end of Rune a sweet kiss, and the end of the affectionate kitten's cake, so if we continue with the routes we will have different endings, it is possible to arrive more but these are the most outstanding, that's why we will get all the achievements and CGs while we go in this direction, now we will see How to get all the endings in the next content of this guide, so we will pay close attention.

How to get all endings in Sakura Knight 2?

  Next let's look at the following 3 endings:
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  •  Let me please you teacher:
  • Felicia
  • After all, I better go on my own
  • Make a search with cake
  • The happy hollows please me
  • I want you to touch me not anyone else
  • Both of them
  • Tell Felicia to explain
  • Is it possible to pat her on the head she wonders
  • Pie can maybe take care
  • My butt isn't bad actually


  •  A sweet kiss
  • Start a search with Rune
  • Wild girls are my preference
  • Touching Rune and Tarta might be better if I do too
  •    Rune
  • Spit Felicia
  • Would a pat on the head suffice
  • Come in after her
  • She has already suffered a lot, no.


  • Loving kitten
  • Cake
  • With cake start a search
  • Payment Management Loving kittens of please
  • It's better that I touch Rune and Tarta too
  • Cake
  • Vote Felicia
  • Stroke her ears maybe
  • Tarta can take care of this, maybe it's for the best
  • Dying is what I want

 Finally, now that we know how to get all endings, we can move on to Sakura Knight 2.

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