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Welcome to our Sakura Knight 2 guide, where we will talk to you about How to enable r18 uncensored patch.

What to know about Sakura Knight 2?

After the events of the first game, we have to keep Estelle on her way to achieve being a gentleman in the same way that her mother was, accompanied by a group of beautiful women who will be supporting her at all times in her purpose, fighting against a series of hordes of monsters and looking for perfection in the handling of swords, this time we have in this guide the explanation of How to enable the r18 uncensored patch and those details come now later, let's pay attention.
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How to enable uncensored patch r18 in Sakura Knight 2 2?

The download of the patch will be done alternatively from Google or through the official link WingedCloud and to enable the patch we will do the following:


  •   The file to download has a weight of 81 MB
  • We look on our hard drive where the game was installed: SteamsteamappscommonSakura Knight 2Game
  • Now we will copy the assets.rpa file with the replacement to the game folder
  • This way it will be ready enabled.

  This way we finish our Sakura Knight 2 guide, now you know how to enable the r18 uncensored patch, just enjoy it to the fullest.

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