2021-02-02 06:59:45

Many users have asked us how to fix error code NW-102216-2, and we already have a solution for you.

What is PS5 error code NW-102216-2?

The truth is that this is one of the rarest errors of the console, since it is capable of causing different problems, among them, update problems, connection and many others. It appeared with the latest update of the console and can display various messages, depending on the problem you encounter.

How to fix error code NW-102216-2?

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    The first thing you have to know is that until now Sony has not yet ruled on this error.

    A solution that will probably be useful for you is to restart your console, for this you will have to press the Playstation button on your console to access the Control Center, select the Power icon and restart.

    If the error reappears, you will need to contact the developer for direct assistance.

      This is how our guide on how to fix error code NW-102216-2 ends, we hope you have managed to correct the problem and that the console developers will comment on it soon with a direct solution.

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