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Today we bring a guide to explain how to get Plasteel in RimWorld.

What is Plasteel in RimWorld?

  This is a strong and rare material that we must get in this game, it is usually used in the making of the spaceship, so it is necessary to know how to obtain Plasteel in RimWorld, this is because it will be vital to escape , only that before entering this whole series of particular tasks, it is vital to have progressed and built a civilization, in addition to collecting some items that may be of interest.

How to get Plasteel in RimWorld?

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    This is a rare and strong resource, obtaining it becomes complex, we must extract it from some very small veins.

     This resource is often used on a regular basis in ship engines and modules that are usually used for the construction of a spaceship.

     To get Plasteel it is necessary to enter, it is a mining process and each mosaic has 40 plasteel, in case of encountering a compacted Plasteeel deposit we will get a good amount of supply.

     Detecting underground veins gives us a good amount of plasteel, we just have to have a deep drill.

     If we are not interested in mining, it is possible to buy it, this is a faster process, we must also have several animals to be able to transport it, this is because it is usually heavy.

     We can disassemble a Mechanoid to get Plasteel.

     The Plasteeel is a resource that can be used in turrets and walls due to the hardness that it possesses, it can also work in the elaboration of weapons, melee and armor.

     Now that you know how to get Plasteel in RimWorld, it's time to embark on this quest that is more interesting than ever.

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