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With this article we will be telling you how to get ether in Returnal, so if you need to know this, we invite you to continue reading.

What is ether in Returnal?

This is an item that you can obtain in the game, as one of the few that will remain in your possession no matter how many actual races. It is one of the items affected by Malignancy, which has the ability to remove its negative effects and enjoy its bonuses and almost everything that can be affected by Malignancy.

With this in mind, it is worth knowing how to obtain ether, so stay tuned because we will quickly tell you how to do it.
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    How to get ether in Returnal?

    The first thing to keep in mind is that the availability of this item will vary depending on whether or not you are playing in online mode.

    The first way to obtain this item is by examining and avenging the deceased Scouts, so you will have to face the enemy that killed them and come out victorious, which will allow you to obtain ether as a reward. You should note that deceased Scouts can only be found in online mode.

    You can also obtain this resource by completing the daily challenges available on the ship, which will allow you to collect Ether as you complete them. For this method you will also have to be in online mode.

    You can also get ether from any of the races you play, regardless of whether you are in online or offline mode, but it depends a lot on the RNG.

     That's all you have to know about how to get ether in Returnal, so we hope that our guide has been as clear as possible and that you can get hold of this element getting the most out of it.

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