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Lidia Rozo
2022-09-22 14:20:38

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There are many things to do in shooting games, let's see How to use care packages in Modern Warfare 2.

What are care packages in COD MW2?

  These are packages that are new to us and they usually bring with them:


  •   Articles.
  • Weapons.
  • Ammunition.


  Knowing how to use care packages in Modern Warfare 2 implies taking care of unlocking them first and in this case it is necessary to complete objectives to achieve it, this is part of the necessary tasks that we have in this game and that we cannot leave out.

How to use care packages in Modern Warfare 2?

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Once these have been unlocked we are allowed to use them, it is necessary to take into account that there are two ways to unlock them and they are:


  •  Get 5 Killstreaks.
  • Earn 625 Scorestreaks points.


 It is good to know that any of these two aforementioned mechanics requires not dying, because if we do, we will lose progress.

Now that we have unlocked the package it is necessary to tell you how to use care packages in Modern Warfare 2 and in this case we must equip it from the Killstreaks menu, this is usually achieved in the Weapons tab of the main menu of the game and when in the Killstreaks option we select the benefit Care package killstreak.

It's good to know:


  •  When trying to request a care package, the enemies will easily notice the delivery of the package, this is because it can fall from the OH-6 Little Bird helicopter and this can make us an easy target.
  • In case the carrier is destroyed outside the map no one can get the package.
  • Requesting the care package can be a risky bet, this makes it necessary to use it only when urgently required.


 Generally speaking, knowing how to use care packages in Modern Warfare 2 allows us to unlock him and employ him only when extremely necessary.

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