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We have made a Red Dead Online guide for you where we will tell you how much are All items from Gus McMillan.

What does the latest Red Dead Online update bring to us?

  This is a game that has simply been very good, and has managed to provide us with additional content where it is possible to observe Gus because he is immersed in this story where he plays the role of a conservationist, but this simply implies having the possibility of owning some cool items, only these need to be bought with some money and supplies when we are playing alone, this update is named Naturalist Frontier and here it is important to know how much all Gus McMillan items cost.
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how much are All items from Gus McMillan in Red Dead Online?


 The Trinkets.

 This new expansion of Red Dead Online allows us to have some definitely interesting accessories, because precisely these trinkets are part of the collectibles that we can not ignore, the small detail is that they require animal parts, a matter that is not very happy to Harriet but in the same way it is necessary, it also includes some jewelry, whatever the option it is necessary to understand that these trinkets have a cost and are the following:



  •  Javelin Fangs - This trinket is priced at $ 500, is simply a carved Elliston bracelet, and serves to increase the horse's bond rate with the player to 10 percent permanently.
  • Ram's Horn: It costs $ 550, it is an Aubrey onyx ring and it requires to collect Thyme, Oregano and Wild Mint to be able to produce double the herbs.
  • Antler: This trinket costs $ 775, it is a Danish topaz necklace, and having it allows us to have more possibilities of receiving totally perfect animal skins of better quality.
  • Beaver Teeth: This one is worth $ 795, it is a Calumet turquoise earring and it helps us to reduce the degradation of all weapons to 10 percent permanently.
  • Snowy Egret: It is worth $ 800, it is a Braxton Amethyst necklace and it is simply three feathers.



 Our journey to know how much all Gus McMillan items cost allows us to have some clothing, because here we can use some derived from animal skins, with a variety of colors and this is due in some way to the skins, because here we count with garments such as coats, gloves, hats, gauntlets, pants and shoulder bags.


 The coats.

 Glenwood Coat: This one is worth 9 bars of gold, can only be purchased with 9 bars of gold, it is a piece that is immediately available and cannot be made on our own at Red Dead Online.

  • Maerbay Coat: This one is worth $ 315.25 it is simply a bearskin.
  • Maxwell Jacket: It is valued at $ 188.25 and is made from sheepskin.



  •  Gloves of the Fleet: these are worth $ 150 are perfect goat hideaway.


 The hats.

  •  Flixton Hat: This accessory is valued at $ 138.00 and is a perfect skunk body.
  • Hat towards the sea: this one is worth $ 139.59, it is the perfect body of a beaver.
  • Cornhill Hat - $ 166.25 value, crafted from the body of a badger.
  • Dotson Hat: This one is worth $ 172.50 and is the Fox shell.


  •  Tierney Gauntlets - These are worth $ 136.25 and made with two perfect rabbit skins.



  •  Lawncliff Pants - These are worth $ 152 and are made from perfect buckskin.



  • Double shoulder strap tanguma: this one has a value of 348 dollars, made with 2 perfect deerskins.
  • Farnholme double shoulder bag: it has a value of 320 dollars and is made with 2 perfect deer carcasses.
  • Tanguma shoulder bag: it has a value of 174 dollars, the perfect hideout of the ram.
  • Farnholme shoulder bag: it has a value of 160 dollars and it is made with a perfect carcass of deer.



 Among so many items you may not be very relevant, however they are in this game and we can not leave them aside, they are supplies that we can buy immediately and are the following:


  •  Nitro Express rifle cartridges, total 4 worth $ 0.40.
  • Peppermint Rifle Cartridges, total 60 worth $ 0.40.
  • Arrows, a total of 5 worth $ 0.20.



 The team is made up of weapons are necessary elements in this game and are part of our goal to know how much all the items of Gus McMillan cost, weapons in particular only show us a variation and is as follows:


  •  Improved bow: it is a variant with horn whose value is 12 gold bars, only this requires some time because it is not immediately possible to get the gold bars.
  • The saddle bags made to measure: these implements in Red Dead Online require 8 gold bars, we can get buy the Gus saddlebags and equip them in stables.
  • Soft Layer Saddle Bag - These are worth $ 205 and are made with two perfect beaver skins.

 Now that you know how much all Gus McMillan items cost, it is time to collect enough money and supplies and to have all these accessories that only Red Dead Online has for us.

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