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One of the advantages that we find in Grounded is the possibility of having fun as a team, let's see how to play with friends

What is Gounded about?

 This is nothing more than a survival game to which we have recently had access, because here we are in the midst of a number of interesting tasks such as group crafts, therefore knowing how to play with friends is an excellent option, since the very idea of ​​fighting to survive puts us in some trouble, since it is not possible to face the backyard which implies in any case resort to developing a group game with 4 friends simultaneously.

How to play with friends on Gounded?

The first thing we must understand is that we can start a new game or simply continue a game that we already had advanced in a certain way, since the possibility of knowing how to play with friends does not present us with many restrictions and acts as a necessary element where fighting to survive is the only option.

To start a game with friends it is necessary to select Multiplayer in the menu and there select Host of the online game, since being there we will see that other players will be able to select and Join the online game, so we go to the main menu to choose Search in the friends, so that we can be shown a list.

 Keep in mind two details one is that it is not possible to join a group of friends if they have chosen to select a single player in the main menu and on the other hand this game does not allow invitations to be sent directly to our friends, however the possibility of Knowing how to play with friends is not seen in the fourth place in Grounded.
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    Can we play Grounded with friends on other platforms?

     This is a game that has a very particular characteristic, since the possibility of knowing how to play with friends opens the doors to have fun with other friends from other platforms, that is if considering that this joining process is carried out perfectly and this implies logging in and choose Host of the online game, this when we are in the main menu to proceed to join the Online game with it having the possibility of sharing a cross game between PC and Xbox One, we are playing on Steam or Xbox Game Pass.

     Why is multiplayer on the ground not working in Grounded?

     It is possible that we may encounter this inconvenience and this has some solutions because remember that you still have very little time and this means that you are still in the middle of some tweaks, the important thing is to get together as long as the host manages to stay on the selection screen of characters, because this simply allows you to send spam, however, you will have to wait a little longer if for some reason it is not given to you in this way, as we still get some errors that are being solved little by little, because we are just starting a game in which there are a number of bugs to file.

     In this sense, knowing how to play with friends is truly an interesting task that we can take advantage of in Grounded.

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