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Today we bring you a Raspberry Pi 4 guide where we will explain how to get started.

What to know about Raspberry Pi 4?

The first thing we must do is the installation of an operating system, a graphical interface, which is necessary to do more than have an interaction, it is important to know that we can connect a PC that is in our network with it, by means of a cable with our router, now to have an idea of ​​how to start it is appropriate to highlight this guide and the specific content that will guide us in this regard, let's see it below.

How to get started in Raspberry Pi 4?

To clearly understand how to start in Raspberry Pi 4 you have to take into account what is necessary and this is the following:

  • Hardware: an SD card is required for our Raspberry Pi 4 4, which must be at least class 10, very quickly, and we can highlight as adequate the V90 UHS-II, an SD card reader and the cable for the internet connection to our router, So on how to start this is necessary, the use of a HAT Pi will allow us to power our Raspberry, which acts through the internet, in case of not having it, an official source is required for this in the form of USB- C.
  • Download 2 programs for PC: it is necessary that we have the Raspberry Pi 4Imager and the Adafruit Pi Finder, to install the first one in our as to how to start we are going to open its corresponding executable, which requires the choice of our operating system which is Raspberry Pi 4OS and also the location of our SD card, then we write, something that may take time depending on the way of connection of our SD card, then we wait for it to be installed.

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  • Creation of SSH: by pressing Windows E on our PC we will be able to configure this file so that the file extensions are displayed, it is important to note at Raspberry Pi 4 that the box that is located next to the extensions is checked, then with the Right click we choose a new text document, it is necessary that we change the name of the file to ssh, taking into account eliminating the extension.
  • Transfer the SD card: it is necessary that we remove the SD card from the card reader that is in our PC, so that we can take it to the Raspberry Pi 4, through an internet cable we are going to connect it to our router.
  • The IP address and install xrdp: as for how to start, what we will do at this point is to work with the program downloaded above, the Adafruit –Pi-Finder, which will be useful to find the IP address of our Raspberry Pi 4, there is We have to extract the program, and we are going to execute it, we have to choose the Find My Pi button, certainly this takes time to show the results, once it does, we can copy the IP address, which will be useful to connect to our PC, then we choose terminal, at this moment we will only use the default username and password, we arrive at a terminal window and now comes the xrdp download in our Raspberry Pi 4, in this way we can establish the desktop connection from a Windows machine, it is necessary in regarding how to start, we write the command sudo apt-get install xrdp in the terminal window, and we hit enter, a dialog appears with a question mark, we are going to write (y), and then we press enter.
  • Connect with the remote desktop: to be able to do this we are going to use the IP address of our Raspberry Pi 4 once we execute the remote desktop connection, we are going to choose to connect, and we will see a warning message to which we will say yes, which allows the start of a window where we will write our username and password, which are both by default, and we give it ok, now as to how to start we will notice a welcome message, then we will continue to choose our country, language and time zone we finish by giving Next, after this it is appropriate to change the default password, we will arrive at a screen in which we have to check the box if our screen has a black border on the edges, we will give it next, we choose the network Wi-Fi, now if we want to disconnect the internet from our router we will give it next or skip, we must update the software, and we give it next, when it has been updated, notice emos the message that will indicate it, we press ok, from now on a restart will suffice for the configuration to be effective, when we are going to use the remote desktop we can access it easily.

Finally, now that we know how to get started on our Raspberry Pi 4 we can make the most of its capabilities.

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