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With our help, you will see that the explanation of the best Capitao loadout is easier than you thought in Rainbow Six Extraction.

What to know about Capitao in Rainbow Six Extraction?

We will spend facing many objectives, enemies and maps, it is important to be prepared for all kinds of obstacles, there are operators that stand out among themselves with the most appropriate equipment depending on the situation that arises, with Capitao we have no weak points, handling the different situations for your benefit and that of your squad, then it is ideal to know about the best Capitao loadout and for this it will only be enough for us to closely follow this guide from now on, let's see.

What is the best Capitao loadout in Rainbow Six Extraction?

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This operator presents valuable equipment, standing out for its main weapon the PARA-308 that we will have available from the beginning, the other weapons are below this one due to their statistics, in Rainbow Six Extraction in some situations direct confrontation and from the shadows is vital, for what is ideal for each case is the right weapon, certainly many consider the shotgun better, but this operator does not have it, leaving an opportunity with the smoke beam that blinds enemies when attacking us.

With the secondary weapon we will count from the beginning, which is PRB92, it brings with it a suppressor that will help us the moment the enemy attacks us with force, the damage that we cause is enough for what is necessary at least, with the best Capitao loadout we can kill even with a single blow by hitting weak points, in a nutshell the capabilities that this operator has are well-balanced.

The explosive technology that this operator has is the impact grenade, with which the enemy comes to rest and is forced to heal, they manage to fall into these in order to stop them, while avoiding being damaged. The one operated in Rainbow Six Extraction, placing the enemies within range of our main weapon at the same time, and more if they are approaching without handling a shotgun.

We will have in the team the reconnaissance drone among the best Capitao loadout, which will help us to have the necessary knowledge for decision-making that can give us success in missions and objectives in advance, we will be able to detect enemies and elite units, including doors and holes that are along the walls, important to cover ourselves while we defend ourselves from complex situations with the enemy, also using stealth to make our movements.

Finally, now that we know about the best Capitao loadout, we can move on getting the best out of this interesting Rainbow Six Extraction.

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