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Today we bring you a Raft guide where we will talk about How to get vine goo.

What to know about the vine slime in Raft?

 It is one of the most important resources in the game, this is complex to obtain, with which we can create different elements that are also important for our performance, seeking to know how to get vine goo, it is very opportune that we closely follow the details that this guide will present below.

How to get vine slime in Raft?

It is necessary that firstly in terms of How to get vine goo by the creation option we have a Smelter, being required for these 4 planks, 6 Dry Bricks, 4 Scrap and 6 Nails, now the most complex of this is the Dry Bricks by go through a tedious process, the creation of the Wet Brick needs 2 sands and 2 clays, with this we are going to place them in the raft so that it rests for about 5 minutes until it dries, once the foundry is created, we have to find the seaweed to put it, having enough boards to keep it lit, underwater are algae in Raft, which are often close to islands. The next thing in terms of How to get vine goo is to put it in the Smelter, after about 45 seconds we will have obtained the vine slime in Raft, now when we are close to Varuna Point we have to kill Anglerfish we can get from 0 to 2 vine slimes vine, the usefulness of this resource goes with the research table, thus achieving the unlocking of all the recipes that require this element as an ingredient, there is the importance of knowing how to get vine goo in Raft, with a recycler where we will place this element It will take us to get a garbage can, this is necessary for the trading post, but if we seek to have the recipes that require this element, consider the following:

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  • Empty bottle: this element is of the utmost importance during the exploration of a large island or more, which we can fill in Raft of water to stay hydrated, it requires 6 plastics and 4 vine slimes, with a capacity of 5 units.
  • Pot: this is required to cook dishes, when consuming we will obtain bonuses, considering that 4 pieces of food are taken by the recipes, having levels of different types of food, as for How to get vine goo for this element it will be part of what is required, such as 6 planks, 6 plastics, 2 metal ingots, 4 vine slimes, and a bolt.
  • Juicer: with this you can make drinks in Raft, taking into account the recipes that lead us to consume them to add benefits, advanced resources are necessary here, combining 6 planks, 6 plastics, 1 screw, 4 vine slimes and 1 plate circuit.
  • Sweeping net: the purpose of this element is the capture of the swarms of bees, which can be used for 25 uses, but trapping the swarms is that it runs out, this depends on us knowing how to get vine goo the same as the other recipes , here a pair is required of this, adding it with 15 planks, 6 ropes and 1 Bolt.
  • Basic bow: it is an important weapon that we can use at a distance, achieving shots of stone arrows that help us to cause 10 damage, metal arrows 15 damage and titanium arrows 20 damage, knowing how to get vine goo we have to to be able to recover the arrows by killing the enemy, but this element requires 6 planks, 4 ropes, 2 vine slimes and 1 Bolt.
  • Oxygen bottle: it is very opportune for diving in deep waters in Raft, managing to dive deep to reach other elements in the water, we will be able to add time by slowing down the drainage of oxygen, 8 plastics, 4 ropes, 1 empty bottle are required for this and 5 vine slimes.
  • Fins: for underwater exploration it is a very useful element, having advantages to add additional speed in the water, we can add 10 more minutes of time while swimming, this element requires 6 plastics, 6 seaweed, 5 vine slimes and 4 strings.
  • Circuit board: it is very often useful, the game requires a lot of progress, it is important to have enough of it, in the manufacture of electronic devices it is necessary, such as motors, antennas, wind turbines and others.

 Finally, now that we know how to get vine goo, we can move on with our progress in Raft.

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