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2022-06-22 07:51:57

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With our Raft guide, you will learn more about How to play on Mac.

What to know about playing Raft on MAC?

Considering that there have been some inconveniences that prevent the correct functioning of the game, which leads us to have to access a Windows PC as it is the only one available, but we can have some options that can help us in terms of How to play on Mac and to do so, all we have to do is follow the instructions in this guide below.

How to play Raft on Mac?

It is necessary that looking to solve How to play the game Raft on Mac that we use Boot Camp, it is a native application that will allow us to run Windows on this device, all with a minimum configuration, for this we start with the search bar where We will write Boot Camp assistant, when we have the result we press double click on the application, which will place us with a configuration guide so that we can run Windows on our Mac, it is necessary to have enough space on our hard drive for the use of the application, having a divided part for our Mac, in this process we will be guided to download and install the Windows copy.
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    Having everything ready, we will load the partition that corresponds to Windows when we turn on our Mac, which we will do by holding down the Shift key, having access to a couple of options at the time of login, regarding How to play on Mac we have that when starting with the Windows part we can use it normally as a PC, Steam must be downloaded to be able to purchase Raft and thus download it to play, this option is the simplest that we can apply.

    Another option that we can consider regarding How to play Raft on Mac is the installation of Windows Parallels, it is a piece of software that is easily configured, only that we must pay a price on the official website of at least 100 dollars, then Once we have downloaded it, we will go to the installation process and from our Mac we will be able to load the program at the time of login, in the same way we have to download Steam, here it is not necessary to divide the hard disk and have to maintain a button instantly when we turn on our device.

    If you do not agree with any of the possible options, the only thing left to do is to buy a PC that has Windows, considering that this game is not demanding, we can have a computer that can run it without high costs, while if we want exclusivity for the game, a high-end one is better.

    We can conclude that knowing how to play on Mac is easier than thought, you just have to follow the instructions to run Raft on our device.

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