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With our help you will see that knowing How to share the screen of PS5 in PS54 is easier than you thought in PS5.

What to know about PS5?

With the help of Share Play it is possible that our game can be controlled by another person, even playing both even though we are not on the same console, among which it is possible in PS5 or PS54, which allows to have a different experience without be in the same place, it is important that we are members of PlayStation Plus to manage Share Play, a session lasts even an hour, it must be taken into account that the trophies are only won by the host, it is only possible to share the screen and the audio, then to understand How to share the screen of PS5 in PS54 we must follow some indications that will be presented in this guide below, let's see.

How to share screen from PS5 to PS54 to PS5?

  • In PS5: the host has to log in to Share Play, it being possible for the visitor to play like us and with us, in the first case the visitor will have control of the game, being ideal to support us in any compromising situation, while that the second option is a more local multiplayer where we both must have the PlayStation Plus, then we press the PS5 to go to the control center and choose the chat card corresponding to the game, we choose to start the shared screen, and we start the game, we choose from chat a player to invite him by choosing the game mode, then here Share Play will begin when the invited player joins, it is important to note on How to share the screen of PS5 in PS54 that the visitor must be a member of the PlayStation Plus also.

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    • In PS54: what we will do to start Share Play is chosen to share game, which will put us on the party screen, the moment a visitor joins Share Play we will see our console screen shared with it, to join being a visitor, what we will do is choose Share Play on the party screen, now for the visitor to play on our behalf what we will do is choose to share the game and give control to the visitor on the party screen, to regain control what we will do is to choose it on the party screen, it is necessary to highlight that despite regaining control the screen will be shared until this function is stopped, now if we want to play together we are going to share the game, and we give it on the party screen to play a game together, which will cause additional control to be added to the game.

    • From PS5 to PS54: when inviting a PS54 player, an additional option will be presented called sharing our screen with the visitor. It is not available, you will not be able to use Share Play, or some scenes are simply not presented, so you have to consider it in terms of How to share the screen of PS5 in PS54, otherwise the rest is possible.

    It is evident that knowing how to share the screen of PS5 in PS54 allows us to have more fun in our PS5.

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