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Learn how to correct the error code 9907, something necessary for the optimal functioning of Genshin Impact.

What to know about error code 9907 in Genshin Impact?

This is an error that occurs mainly related to the lack of space to store on our device, which prevents the game from being installed completely, depending on where we are playing, the amount of space required may vary, be it PC or PS4, it is important that you have at least 30 GB, while in Android only 8 GB is required at least, apart from additional space, however everything seems to indicate that even though we have the space, this error occurs, even If the download occurs in the background, now to have an idea of how to correct the error code 9907 we can rely on the content that will be presented in this guide from now on, let's see.
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    How to fix error code 9907 in Genshin Impact?


    •  For the PC: if we want to solve how to correct the error code 9907 on our PC we have to be sure that we have at least the 30 GB required by Genshin Impact, otherwise it is necessary that we delete some files before we launch and update the game again, it is important that we start with basic things like checking disk space and using the space cleaner, which can allow for storage expansion.
    • On the PS4: there are a couple of possibilities as to how to correct the error code 9907 in our console, for this we have to delete some applications, only that they are still available in our library in case we want to download again, then what we will do is highlight the application that we are going to eliminate from the content launcher or in the library, we give it in options to eliminate it, now if we do not want to eliminate anything it is possible to use an external hard drive to help us with Genshin Impact or even an extension of the internal hard drive, deleting saved data can be an option and for this we look in the settings for the management of saved data of the application, here we make the choice of the system storage, online or USB and we delete, which takes us to choose a game, we even mark several options at the same time for multiple eliminations, then we give in delete and ok to confirm, managing to solve How to co Fix the error code 9907 this way or we can move on to the next option in our console.
    • Connect external device on PS4: this is the second option in terms of how to correct error code 9907 on our PS4, thereby seeking to install the content of Genshin Impact, then what we will do is go to settings, we look for data management saved from the application, in the system and we enter to copy to a USB device, we choose the game or multiple data to be copied, in case the file exists in said external device it can ask us to overwrite it, with the help of the Date and time can be our guide to know which is the most current file and thus be able to have the required space for Genshin Impact.
    • For Android: as for how to correct the error code 9907 in Android we will have a couple of options, among which is the deletion of data and cache from our device, which leads us to the settings, storage to search the applications that we have installed, then we have to locate Genshin Impact to eliminate this data and corresponding cache, we do a restart leaving the screen working for the download to be carried out, in case of not achieving anything with this option we can then perform a reinstallation, to We go to the storage configuration, we look again in the installed applications and locate the game to uninstall it, we return to the Play Store to download it again, we wait with the screen on while this happens.

     Finally, now that we know how to fix error code 9907 it is possible to go back to normal for fun with Genshin Impact.

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