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Today technology tends to cross and PS5 is not far behind, so we tell you how to Livestream live on YouTube or Twitch.

What is the purpose of Livestream on YouTube or Twitch?

While we play it is favorable to show how skillful we can be, and why not demonstrate it publicly, it is in this way that there is the possibility of transmitting, in the end, it could have a certain weight for us since we could become well known enough in other parts of the world and why not, become a role model, interesting, right?

How to Livestream on YouTube or Twitch at PS5?

  Our first action is to connect our Twitch account with PS5N-ID, for which it is necessary:

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    • Launch the game we consider Livestream on Twitch.
    • Then we press the create button on our remote.
    • Next we select the transfer tab at the bottom.
    • We then click on the Twitch button to get to the actual connection process.
    • We are presented with a QR code on our screen that must be scanned with our mobile.
    • We proceed to execute the indications shown on the screen.


     It should be noted that it is not necessary to use a capture card to stream, it only offers some advanced settings in terms of overlay or editing.

    In the case of transmitting on YouTube or Twitch without having a capture card, it is necessary:


    •  Start the game on our PS5 that we want to Livestream.
    • We proceed to press the Create button on our DualSense control of the console.
    • You need to select the Transmit option.
    • Then we are shown two options YouTube or Twitch.
    • We proceed to choose the option that and establish the agreement in relation to the one we consider favorable, in addition to selecting that the video quality is 60 fps.
    • To finish you need the Go Live button and that's it.


    This is everything you need to know about How to Livestream on YouTube or Twitch so now you can spread the word about skills with the PS5.

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