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2020-11-19 07:50:44

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Guide to learn how to eject a disc in PS5

 If you have already purchased your PS5, it is more than obvious that you want to know how this newly released console works completely. As for the way to read games on The PlayStation 5 this new console can accept discs or choose the version without disc.

The digital-only PS5 will be a bit thinner and is missing a button than the PS5 with discs has. It's the eject button, and you'll have to use it to eject any of your PS5 discs from your console.

How to eject a disc in PS5?

The eject button is right next to the power button, so the best we can recommend is to be careful with it if you want to turn off the console by accident.

The button to turn the PS5 on and off is larger and longer. The eject button for removing discs is smaller and on top of the power button if you placed the console upright. If you have it on its side, it's to the left of the power button.
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Caring for the game disc

If you want to take maximum care of your discs to prevent them from stopping reading it, you can apply the following actions:

As long as you are not using the disc, you can eject it from the console. If the disc is a game, be sure to turn it off and that it is not running on the console before ejecting it. The same goes for any other form of entertainment.

You can also eject it using the driver through the PS5 user interface. Go to the home screen by clicking on the PS5 symbol on your controller. Next, find the game tile in your menu, click the options button on your controller, and scroll down to the disk eject icon. Confirm and the disc will eject normally.

  Now that you know how to eject a disc in PS5 you can do it safely without having to guess the correct way to do it. Luck!

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