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Fabiola Rodriguez
2020-11-19 14:40:49

Guide to learn how to customize your outfits in Sackboy A Big Adventure

 Something amazing that you can do in Sackboy A Big Adventure and that draws a lot of attention is the incredible amount of customization that you can do on it with your character from clothes, gestures and other toiletries scattered throughout the levels to make your own little friend look fabulous.

That said it sounds amazing that there is virtually no shortage of options for your protagonist, with more available to unlock as you progress through the levels and a shop where you can grab more. All that said, in this guide we will tell you all about customizing outfits in the game. Stay tuned!

How to customize your outfits in Sackboy A Big Adventure?

To customize your outfit, you'll need to finish the first level and then enter Zom Zom's, a large tent that will introduce you to the eccentric merchant. This is where you can purchase items that you can use to customize your appearance, from one-off skins to a full skin set. Purchasing individual items will reduce the cost of complete sets that include those items, although the selection will be very limited initially.

From the menu of your game you can access your wardrobe, so you can see all the items you have collected so far from the levels.

Once you have used Zom Zom, a level will open for you and you will not have to go back to the hut each time you want to change outfits.

Holding down the Circle button will open the menu and display Zom Zom. However, you can only do this on the world map, so you cannot change your outfit once you have started a level.

To unlock more outfits, you must play through more worlds. As you unlock more, Zom Zom will keep you updated on any additional items it has available for you to purchase.

All items require golden bells that can be collected at all levels, often in hidden locations that require you to tap or twist, so be sure to check everything out thoroughly.

 Now that you know how to customize your outfits in Sackboy A Big Adventure you will be able to walk around with a unique style in the game with the different combinations that you can make in addition to unlocking new outfits once you advance in the game. Luck!

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