Angel Marquez
2020-11-05 08:32:01

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No More Heroes is a very lively game and today it leads us to discover how to beat Dr. Peace.

Who is Dr. Peace in No More Heroes?

It is one of the great confrontations that will be presented to us in the game, the difficulty is in the fact that it does what is necessary to prevent us from approaching, so if we approach it is the key, now we will have in the following content details to understand how to beat Dr. Peace, let's look at them carefully.

How to beat Dr. Peace in No More Heroes?

It is necessary to be patient and face it with great attention, it can be an opponent that will cause us confusion, everything is in approaching it, so it is necessary that we read where it is going to attack to avoid it, certainly at the moment when we are close we can Attack it but an oversight and it will send us flying back, the distance being minimal we have to evade 2 attacks, one is by shooting at intervals and when we seek to dodge this we end up being pushed back and our battery can be depleted, while in the second attack it is necessary get out of its way, since this impact sends us back completely, which is a guarantee that when we hit it, it will see its health reduced, as this attack is about to end and we cannot avoid it this time, reaching the initial position. and it is necessary that we close the gap again until it delivers the coup de grace.

 We can conclude that knowing how to beat Dr. Peace is easier for us than we thought due to these details presented in this No More Heroes guide, so let's apply what we have learned.

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