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Daniel Hidalgo
2022-01-12 14:23:42

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With the following article, we will teach you how to use generators in Project Zomboid, so read carefully.

What are generators in Project Zomboid?

They are a very important element, as they will allow you to power anything in the game, but if you want to really take advantage of them without taking risk, you will have to know how to use them.

How to use generators in Project Zomboid? - Location

Generators cannot be crafted like other objects, but are found throughout the world. When you find it you will have to take it to your base or use a car to move it. Keep in mind that while you move it you will not be able to face the zombies, since you will move slower, but you can place it on the ground and pick it up later while you kill the enemies.
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How to use generators in Project Zomboid?

Once at your base, you will have to start by placing the generator outside, since they generate toxic gases that will hurt you if you are in a closed space with it.

To use the generator, you will have to have activated the Electrition work or read the manual "how to use Generators" that can be found in the world.

To connect the generator, you will have to access the contextual menu of the generator and select "Connect generator". After this, you will have to charge it and turn it on. This can consume up to a can and quart of fuel and must be done while the power is off.

In case the generator is not enough for a custom-made shelter, you can try moving it to the roof, as it might fix it.

Keep in mind that the generator will lose durability every day and when it reaches 20 percent durability, it could catch fire or even explode. So if you see that the durability drops too much, it is best to repair it using electronic scrap.

That's all you need to know about how to use generators in Project Zomboid, so now that we've come to the end, we hope you get to get the most out of generators.

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