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Application stores are usually interesting and that is why today we will tell you how to use the TutuApp in Pokemon go.

What is TutuApp in Pokemon go?

  This is nothing more than a third-party application store that has the ability to host applications, as well as pirated versions that allow us to access other applications, so it is necessary to know how to use the TutuApp in Pokemon go, this allows us to have the ability to move our character and thus do different activities without having to move from the location where we are.

How to use the TutuApp in Pokemon go?

  The first thing we must do is take care of downloading TutuApp Pokemon go, this can be done on both Android and iOS and in this case we must consider:

Download on Android.
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    • To do so, we must go to the download section of the TuTuApp website and download the APK file.
    • Then, we proceed to install the APK file on the Android device and open TutuApp when the installation is complete.
    • We will search for Pokemon Go Hack and download the hacked version of Pokemon Go which is usually known as TutuApp Pokemon Go.
    • Next, we proceed to install and for this we will open the file manager on the phone and proceed to click on Downloaded files.
    • We must allow the installation of unknown sources, in case it is not enabled we must enable it by going to Settings, then Security and then Privacy, to go to Install applications from unknown sources.


     In the case of iOS we must:


    •  Install the TutuApp administration profile and install an administration profile on a device owned by the user, we must be careful and in this case, follow the TutuApp VIP guide to install it on iPhone or iPAD, by having the management profile we will achieve TutuApp on the home screen and from there we can use it to install the pirated version of the game.


    We can conclude this guide on How to use the TutuApp in Pokemon go, so it is necessary to follow the instructions according to the device we use.

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