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Pokémon GO raids: How to counter Delibird

2019-12-27 08:10:18

We have prepared for you a Pokémon GO guide where we will explain everything about How to counteract Delibird.

In Pokémon GO Christmas is also celebrated and with it new creatures, raids, costumes and bonuses arrive, because our goal is to be attentive to everything that this game releases for Christmas, and today they bring us a Pokemon called Delibird and it is a Pokemon that He likes the holidays.

What is Delibird?

Before knowing how to counteract Delibird it is important to keep in mind that this festive Pokemon is of the ice and flying type, since it has a certain resemblance to Santa, because it looks like a sack of gifts, since it is a red-and-white paid, it could not Pokemon is more suitable for holiday parties, and it has been included by Niantic a few days ago, so that it will agree for the date, this being a Christmas attraction.

Where to find Delibird in Pokémon GO?

This Pokemon is quite interesting, as it is usually found in the raids as a level 3 boss with CP of 8,791, among its abilities the ice attack is remarkable, because it has Icy Wind and Ice Punch, but that is not all, since for the holidays it becomes a bit bright and it is here that the color of the feathers changes, then, they go from being red to being bright purple, making it much more interesting.

How to counteract Delibird in Pokemon GO?

This Pokemon presents certain weaknesses that we can make the most of to counteract it, since fire is one of the elements that makes it weak, but not only that, since steel and electricity also have the same effect, rock attacks are also feasible. , and ends up being the best strategy to use to counteract it, for this we will use Tyranitar, Terrakion, Landorus, or any similar in order to fight and counteract this bird, Smack Down and Rock Slide are also quite feasible, because they have the ability to withstand ice attacks like the Abomasnow of the Delibird.

This Pokemon has resistance to Grass and Ground type attacks, but be careful, this is not the only ice type Pokemon that exists around here, since it is possible that there are other similar ones, so during this week the best option is to go out with Pokemon Rock type in case we are presented with the opportunity to counter another for the holiday season.

With this we can place our guide thin, hoping that it is really useful and you know how to counter Delibird, a Pokemon that is presented to us at Christmas in Pokémon GO

iOS, Android
Augmented reality, location-based game
Niantic, The Pokémon Company
Niantic, The Pokémon Company
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July 6, 2016

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