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Today we bring you a Pokemon GO guide, where we will explain how to get a Scraggy.

The content in Pokémon Go does not stop coming, this time we are before the possibility of participating in the Battle League, specifically in the PvP option, which allows direct confrontations between players, live, having the great opportunity How to get a Scraggy, in this guide we will have what it takes to achieve it.

What to know about Scraggy in Pokemon GO?

It is a dark Pokemon, the exploration of the world will not be enough for us to achieve it, for this it is necessary that we focus for a long time on the evolution of Battle League, now more details will come next, so the reading will continue important.

How to get a Scraggy in Pokemon GO?

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    It is necessary that our maritime rank of IV in the Battle League, so we have to complete a total of 15 battles against other players, in this way it is possible to obtain this Pokémon, now if we get to fall defeated in a game, This will not affect our rank, we only have to complete the number of battles required regardless of the final result, when we have the rank, we have to go out to win 4 additional battles, in the event that we have a Premium pass, it will only be enough with 2, which leads us in any way to face Scraggy where we will get it. Keep in mind that in nature it is not yet possible to obtain this Pokémon, but it should not be ruled out that this fact may change later, by means of an update, at the time of any change, this guide will be updated so that let's be aware

    Now that you know how to get a Scraggy, you just have to apply the instructions specified in this guide and continue enjoying this great adventure at Pokemon GOo.

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