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Welcome to our Snowrunner guide where we will talk about how to get the TUZ 420.

What to know about Snowrunner?

During our instance in this game we will go through the multiple options of getting infinity of things, in different places, among which are the trailers and those improvements that will serve for cars such as new trucks, in this way it is ideal that we know how to obtain the TUZ 420 and in this guide will be all the necessary answers, let's see them.
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How to get TUZ 420 in Snowrunner?

It is necessary that prior to finding the TUZ 420 we must carry out completing contracts for Taiga Oil exploration and Over Hoeizon, the hiding place in which this vehicle is located is in Taimyr, first passing through the swamp first, upon completing these tasks, we will obtain access to a new location, which will be on the map in the upper left corner, we will move from the upper right corner to this location, we will pass some obstacles on the road that we can pass in UAZIk, in case we do not have it, our route will have to be through the forest that is at the top of the map, the objective is to reach the tunnel and then go to Zimnegorsk, it is necessary for us to place the cursor to the left of the tunnel, placing it in the upper corner of the map , In the back of a body of water is a high hill with a forest, in the middle of this forest and the rocks you can see a small precise clearing at the top of the hill is.

 Finally, now that we know how to get the TUZ 420, it is possible to continue advancing in Snowrunner.

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