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Planet Zoo: How to Breed Animals

2019-11-07 13:01:49

The mission of this guide is to explain in its content how to breed animals in Planet Zoo.

Breeding is a primary aspect in Planet Zoo, this will guarantee the increasing number of animals in our zoo, increasing the value and benefits, we will have more animals that visitors can see, for this reason it is good that we know how to raise animals and the answers will come then.

How to breed animals in Planet Zoo?

To breed animals we will have the following details:

·         Keep our animals happy

There are many factors in Planet Zoo by which the happiness of an animal can be affected, if the habitat is not to your liking, because of the small habitat, things that will cause stress, it is important that we have knowledge about each type of animal, about all in relation to the habitat, so we will be able to improve the living conditions of the animal and also know that it is necessary for them to be happy.

The zoopedia will help us, we select the type of animal and when using the veterinarian we can investigate the animal that we want to breed, solving all the problems that the animals may have, is that they can enter the reproduction stage, without ruling out affectation factors for Future breeding

·           We will verify the population of our animals

It is of great importance to find the factors that can affect the breeding, among them can be the imbalance caused by the amount of females or males that directly harm reproduction, in zoopedia we will find the solution by checking the social status in the tab species data, here we will find the ideal ratio of males and females in the habitat, it is normal for them to have more females than males and some species works 1: 4. It is good to have more accurate data so that you can start playback.

Younger animals will not reproduce, for this reason it is good to know the age of maturity of the animal, it is an option that this is overlooked and prevents the reproduction of our animals.

·             Comparison between partners

Comparing pairs will be the last stage to raise animals in Planet Zoo, the fertility rate according to the type of animal will be important, if it is low it means that reproduction will not be successful, taking into account all these factors and solving the problems that prevent reproduction , will lead us to increase the amount of our animals in a habitat, if and only if, we do everything in the right way.

To close the explanation, we hope that this content discussed and I try to breed animals in Planet Zoo, will be useful and will guide us to achieve the objective.

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