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Planet Zoo: How to build shelters

2019-11-06 12:53:55

 We will explain in the content of this guide the necessary details of how to build shelters in Planet Zoo.

We will realize when we play Planet Zoo that this is one of the best in zoo management today, here we will be able to do many things, like take care of animals and to do it perfectly are important shelters, for this we must know how to build them and because of this we will have an explanation that will help us for that purpose.

What are Planet Zoo shelters?

  This is a zoo simulation game, in which we will have elements and tools to build our custom shelters, we will have the shelters for defects for our animals too, it is noteworthy that the elements we must use will not necessarily be where we make the construction, so knowing this we will have two types of shelters, which we will do for each case we must solve.

  How to build Default shelters in Planet Zoo?

  The shelters of this type will be brought by the game itself, being these 3 types available, the variation of one with another is in the size, according to the size of our animal we must buy and place it, we will click on our animal, we choose its habitat and thus we will have all the details for its shelter, these by default also contain everything necessary according to the animal, we will not do anything while these are kept clean and well maintained, of course the only thing we will criticize is how ugly they are, it is important that via DLC we can at any time have updates that bring more shelters for the game, it is important that via DLC we can at any time have updates that bring more shelters for the game.

How to build custom shelters in Planet Zoo?

  We will have available in the game a terrain builder and many items of zoos to customize our shelters, at our discretion, to do so we can combine rocks and thus form a cave that would serve as a shelter for example for lions and then we would do depending on the animal we are going to put in the shelter, there are many materials to create shelters if we combine them, pieces of wood for walls, ceilings and viewpoints, we must organize them in a certain order that takes us to create a solid structure to create them, with the land editor we will make the most natural shelters, with this we will be able to create shelters quickly and they will look very well in comparison to those of default, this form adapts more to the needs of our animals.

  It must be added that shelters of this type we will not be able to import them, so we must make them ourselves and at our discretion, which will make the shelters as we remain more original.

We conclude with the guide, hoping that it will be of great benefit the content of it, the objective of this was to help us how to build shelters in Planet Zoo, the answers are here and the usefulness will depend on us.

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