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Angel Marquez
2020-12-04 15:45:59

This time we return with a PHOGS! Guide, aiming to explain how to jump.

What to know about PHOGS !?

It is a game that consists mainly of puzzles, having to solve many of these to progress and in some cases our objectives are to reach an area or cross a gap, then it is necessary to go through different stages, it is important that understand something basic and it is what you will see in this guide that presents details regarding How to jump, let's see them.

How to jump in PHOGS !?


Certainly we are before a puzzle platform game, which in general many similarities with some games, but it should be noted that the jump function does not work with a button, since there are only 2 actions such as stretching and barking, but barking is the key to making the jump, since it gives us an upward push even a little and this makes it a jump done, we just have to be used to it over time, we can jump many things and even avoid the obstacles, something that we must consider a part of the correct solution of the different puzzles that we will face.

In this way we come to the end of this PHOGS! Guide, getting to know how to jump and continue enjoying this incredible game.

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