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Phasmophobia comes to make us live intense moments and this leads us to tell you How to regain sanity, let's see.

  Maintaining sanity is simply vital and this is because we are in a game where there are so many paranormal events that can easily make us rave a bit, however knowing how to regain sanity allows us to stay immersed and lucid in Phasmophobia, avoiding being completely crazy Even when recovering it is not entirely clear, there is the possibility of trying.
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    What is sanity in Phasmophobia?

     It is necessary to understand that being as sane as possible is a fundamental option so this should simply be associated with our state of health, what simply should concern us is to prevent it from hitting rock bottom and this is because if it occurs in this way We will simply die, because knowing how to regain sanity places us before the possibility that it can remain as stable and high as possible with the mere objective of ensuring that the ghost simply does not tend to approach us.

     A really interesting option to ensure that sanity does not fall are the candles and lights off, as it is the ideal to be able to explore Phasmophobia, only that it is necessary to ensure that it can remain stable just by using the bicycle to enter and exit the map, choosing for spending as little time as possible in the haunted house, or simply running into ghostly activity, so that knowing how to keep your sanity is our priority to be able to go through all the spaces of the game, perform as many activities as possible and finish completely lucid.


     How to regain sanity in Phasmophobia?

     Without a doubt, this is an issue that could become very complex, because in the face of a psychological horror game like this one and with the ghosts hanging around, it will be difficult to maintain it, however it is necessary to choose:


    •  Buy some sanity pills and keep them in our inventory before starting any quest.
    • It is optional and I would say that it is necessary to carry at least 4 pills with us.
    • Consuming the sanity pills will only restore 40 percent of our sanity.
    • Going in and out of the haunted house regularly is a great option.
    • We will never be able to regain maximum sanity with the pills, however, we can prevent it from falling completely.
    • To use the pills it is only necessary to collect them and proceed to click with the right mouse button.

     Now that you know how to regain sanity it is time for you to take the necessary precautions in Phasmophobia, it is worth being as sane as possible, give it a try.

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