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In the next article we are going to tell you how to find phantom steps using a parabolic microphone in Phasmophobia.

What is the parabolic microphone in Phasmophobia?

It is one of the most complex tools in the game, and it will also allow you to find the distinctive location of a ghost when it moves through a house. With it, you can also know where a ghost could be inside a building, but for this other tools will be necessary. The point is that now we are going to tell you how to find phantom steps using a parabolic microphone.

How to find phantom steps using a parabolic microphone in Phasmophobia?

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    The first thing you have to do is buy the parabolic microphone, which is priced at $50.

    When you turn on this tool you will see the numbers 0.00 on it, they represent the sound and how loud a noise is being made within the distance of the device.

    If a ghost makes a noise, the numbers should be between 1 and 3, which represents simple sounds like closing a door or moving something.

    These values ​​will increase and accumulate when multiple sounds are emitted in the direction the microphone is pointing.

    You should be aware that the microphone picks up a lot of sounds, including the voices of your friends, which will ruin your ghost hunt. In this sense, we recommend that you use it in a remote place where there is no interference or tell your friends that this tool is in use so that they are more cautious and remain silent.

    We recommend you bend down a bit, keep listening and then go back to the van and align the microphone and nail the distance, but fortunately the microphone can pick up through walls, so you will not necessarily have to be in the same room as the ghost.

     That's all you have to know about how to find phantom steps using a parabolic microphone in Phasmophobia, we hope our guide was as helpful as possible, and you managed to find the phantom steps using this tool.

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