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Guide to learn how to add hills in PGA Tour 2K21

  In the Golf simulation game you may want to turn your experience into a real challenge so in PGA, players can design their own golf course as part of the title's Course Designer mode and create new layouts for its complexity. In addition to being able to add trees in 2K21, players can also add another golf course staple: hills. So in this guide we will teach you how to create these mountains.

How to add hills in PGA Tour 2K21?

To create the mounts you must go to the Designer tab on the home screen to start creating your course. And just like adding trees, the Course Designer will automatically add hills depending on what Hills you set in the Terrain settings.

On the other hand, to add more hills to your course you will first have to design your course course, and you do this by selecting the option to edit the hit. Select Edit and then Sculpt Land. After selecting Sculpt Land, you'll want to select Sculpt Raise and choose a brush. Once you do that, a hill will spawn on your course.

In case you want to remove a particular hill, follow the exact same steps you would use to create one, but instead of choosing Sculpt Raise, you should select Sculpt Flatten. This will remove the raised part of the field you select and make it flat.

 Now that you know how to add hills in PGA Tour 2K21 you can turn the field into a real mess of complications to complete it. Luck!

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