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Learn How to Fix Palworld Dedicated Server Settings Not Changing and optimize your gaming experience.

Hey there, fellow Palworld enthusiasts! If you've been struggling with getting your dedicated server settings to stick in Palworld, fear not – we've got you covered. In this comprehensive guide, we'll walk you through the steps to How to Fix Palworld Dedicated Server Settings Not Changing and get your server running just the way you want it.

How to Fix Palworld Dedicated Server Settings Not Changing

Step 1: Accessing the PalWorldSettings.ini Config File

The first step to fixing your dedicated server settings is to locate the PalWorldSettings.ini config file in the game's directory. You can find this file in the installation folder of Palworld, typically located in the game's root directory.

Once you've located the PalWorldSettings.ini file, you can proceed to the next step to begin making the necessary adjustments.

Step 2: Editing the Config File

Open the PalWorldSettings.ini file using Notepad or any text editor of your choice. Once opened, you will have access to the various configurations that dictate the behavior of your dedicated server.

This is where you can make changes to settings such as Death Penalty and Drop Rate, and adjust their percentages according to your preferences. The ability to customize these settings allows for a tailored gaming experience on your dedicated server.

Step 3: Copying Default Configurations

To ensure a smooth setup and avoid potential errors, it's recommended to copy settings from the Default Config File and paste them into the PalWorldSettings.ini. This action provides a solid foundation for your server configuration and reduces the likelihood of syntax or formatting mistakes.

By transferring default configurations, you establish a baseline for your settings, ensuring that you have a starting point from which to make further adjustments.

Step 4: Adjusting Server Settings

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Now comes the fun part – tweaking specific server settings to tailor them to your liking. Within the PalWorldSettings.ini file, you have the freedom to adjust settings such as daytime speed, server name, password, and toggle various options using True or False based on your desired gameplay experience.

This level of customization empowers you to create a gaming environment that aligns with your vision, whether you prefer a more challenging or relaxed gameplay experience.

Step 5: Saving Changes

Once you've made all the necessary adjustments, be sure to save and close the PalWorldSettings.ini file. This crucial step ensures that your changes are retained for future use and that your server operates according to your specified settings.

By saving the changes, you lock in your configurations and pave the way for a seamless gaming experience on your dedicated server.

Step 6: Checking Permissions

To avoid any potential issues with permissions that could hinder the proper functioning of your dedicated server, it's important to verify the access rights for the PalWorldSettings.ini file.

To do this, right-click on the PalWorldSettings.ini file, select 'Properties', and navigate to the 'Security' tab. Here, you can ensure that the server user has full control or, at the very least, 'Read' and 'Write' permissions to the file.

Verifying and adjusting permissions as necessary can prevent obstacles that may arise from inadequate access rights, promoting a smoother server setup process.

Step 7: Restarting the Server

After making all these changes, it’s important to restart the server. This step is crucial as it ensures that all of your configurations take effect and that your server reflects the desired settings accurately.

By restarting the server, you trigger the implementation of your customized settings, bringing your vision for the server to life and providing an environment that aligns with your preferences.

There you have it! By following these friendly guidelines, you should be able to How to Fix Palworld Dedicated Server Settings Not Changing. Now go ahead and enjoy a perfectly customized gaming experience on your dedicated server! Whether you're aiming for a challenging adventure or a more relaxed gameplay atmosphere, the ability to adjust server settings empowers you to curate an experience tailored to your preferences. If you have any other questions or topics you'd like us to cover in future guides, feel free to let us know. We're here to support your journey in the world of Palworld and ensure that you have the resources you need to enhance your gaming experience. Happy gaming!

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