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2022-07-06 08:19:21

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There are tons of useful tools in Overwatch 2 and to use one of the most useful ones you'll want to know how to use ping, which we're going to teach you today.

What is ping in Overwatch 2?

It is a communication system that will allow you to communicate information to your teammates, whether you are in voice chat or not. Right now the subject of the input to ping is not very clear, but there will be a communication wheel from which you can choose, point out enemies, locations that are guarding, attack or defend areas, calls for help, go to enter or retreat, and countdowns. But this is useless if you don't know how to use ping, so be careful.

How to use ping in Overwatch 2?

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If you press the corresponding input, you will be able to access the communication wheel, and a quick press will allow you to get an automatic response depending on what you are pointing at. If, for example, you ping an enemy, what you will do is indicate their location with a ping icon. But if it moves out of your line of sight, it will temporarily hover over the last known place with the question mark. And if your target teleports, the icon will disappear.

This tool has also been extended to the usual communication wheel and will allow you, for example, to request healing.

How to use ping in Overwatch 2? - Mute

If you want to deal with people sending spam pings, you can use a system to limit the number of pings, which will even allow you to block or silence pings from a particular colleague.

This is all you need to know about how to use ping in Overwatch 2, so now that we're done, we hope we've been as helpful as possible, and we remind you that this system is still in the process of being adjusted, so if Should there be a change, we will have to be vigilant.

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