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2024-05-22 21:00:37

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Today we bring you an interesting guide where we will tell you how to unlock Mercy Hero Mastery victory pose in Overwatch 2.

Enthusiasts of this game around the world can now unlock the perfect victory pose of the Hero of Mercy in the game. The developers at Blizzard Entertainment have prepared many rewards for completing specific missions in Hero Mastery: Gauntlet mode. However, Mercy's new victory pose in Hero's Mastery has generated support. With Blizzard recently announcing that this will be discontinued following the release of Season 11, it's time for Mercy Maine to strike a new winning pose. 

How to Unlock Mercy Hero Mastery Victory Pose in Overwatch 2?

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Cheerleaders can obtain the Hero Mastery of Mercy victory pose for free. However, it was supposed to be a lifetime reward until developer Blizzard announced that the mode was discontinued because it is not appreciated by the Overwatch community. This makes it an exclusive bonus available until June 20, 2024, the long-awaited finale of Season 10. Therefore, if you plan to impress the Hero of Mercy's victory pose in your inventory, you will need to complete a specific challenge listed in the Hero Mastery: Gauntlets section. You must complete Gauntlet mode on Legendary difficulty without dying.

Upon completing this challenge you will be awarded:

  • The heroic winning attitude of the Hero of Grace
  • 7500 XP Battle Pass

Now let's talk about the process by which you can achieve a winning pose:

  • Open the Blizzard launcher and go to Overwatch 2. 
  • Click the Play button. 
  • When you get to the main menu, click the Play button again. 
  • Click "Master the Hero."
  •  Select "Challenge: Collaboration". Don't select "Practice AI" because it won't count even if you complete the task. 

If you are not familiar with Hero Gauntlet mode, we recommend playing Easy mode first. By completing different courses, you will get 4 stars in the Expert course to unlock Legendary mode. Complete Legendary mode in Hero Mastery: Gauntlet without dying. By completing the above challenges, you will be able to reach the Merciful Hero Master Victory Pose. Additionally, in addition to receiving the exclusive Merciful Victory Pose, you can also earn Reinhardt's Heroic Victory Pose along with 5,000 Battle Pass XP by completing the following challenges:

  • Sword Mastery Hero: Tank Skirmish Mode on Exercise difficulty with 5 stars. 
  • Achieve Hero Mastery: DPS Skirmish mode on Practical difficulty and earn 5 stars. 
  • Sword Mastery Hero: Skirmish mode with 5-star exercise difficulty support.

Now that you know the mechanics to unlock the Mercy Hero Mastery victory pose, you can embark on this challenge and complete it soon, give it a try.

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