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Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak offers us more to do, let's see How to Unlock Switch Skills.

Why unlock switch skills in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak?

 Because these allow us to have the ability to generate modifications for the weapons in the game, so it is necessary to know how to unlock Switch skills, this taking into account that by doing so we are able to expand the movements and we are allowed to get some options of combat extras, these Switch skills usually apply for each weapon in this game.

How to unlock switch skills in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak?


  •  It is vital to be clear that there are 3 change abilities for each type of weapon.
  • Unlocking the skills involves taking care of progressing through the story.
  • The expansion tutorial gave us the first set of skills.
  • To unlock these skills we will have to take care of talking to Master Arlow de Arena at the Elgado front outpost.
  • Once we have spoken with the teacher, we will see that Master Utsushi appears and he has the ability to teach us the Switch skill exchange technique and will give us a series of skills for weapons.


 Next we bring the first series of change skills that we get, so that knowing How to unlock Switch skills offers us to have in the first instance:
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  • Bow: Stake Push
  • Loading Sheet: Phial Tracking
  • Dual Blade Combo: Slide Slash
  • Great Sword: Slash Combo
  • Gunlance: Erupting Cannon
  • Hammer: Spinning Bludgeon: Charge
  • Heavy Bow: Crouch Shot
  • Hunting Body: Swing Combo
  • Insect Glaive: Kinsect Slash
  • Lance: shield tackle
  • Light Light Bow – Critical Firepower
  • Long Sword: Saras Holy Combo
  • Switch Axile – 2 and 2 morph morph combo
  • Sword and shield: combo of twin blades.


 It's good to know that all of these Stan skills are available simultaneously in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak, our next step is to progress through the master rank quests and master rank four, upon reaching this stage Master Uysushi will be interested in seeing us back at the town of Kamuri with the aim of teaching us the rest of the skills and this implies knowing the next set of skills to unlock.



  •  Bow: Butcher's Bind and Bolt Boost
  • Charge Blade: Ready Stance and Air Plane
  • Dual blades: spiral cut and iron silk
  • Great Sword: Strongarm Stance and Backslide
  • Gun Throw: Bombardment and Reverse Blast
  • Hammer: hold dominance and impact blast
  • Heavy Bow: Moon rising and Sun setting
  • Hunting Horn: Sonic Boom and Silkbind Shockwave
  • Insect Glaive: Awakened Kinsman Attack and Kinsect Glide
  • Launch: skyward thrust and liner removal
  • Light Bow – Wyvern counter and mech silk shot
  • Long Sword - Tempered Spirit and Harvest Moon
  • Ax Switch: Elemental Burst Counter and Wire Step
  • Sword and Shield: Destroyer Oil and Shield Party.


Now that you know How to Unlock Switch Skills you can get involved in progressing enough to get these skills in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak.

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