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Shooting games offer us various game mechanics, let's see How to ping in Overwatch 2.

What is ping in Overwatch 2?

This is a game mechanic that we have and that allows us to have the ability to guide some of the team's moves, it should be noted that not necessarily, all players usually have microphones or headphones and this can make ping a tool vital, this in the middle of a map with a good amount of characters and maps with which we can interact.

How to ping in Overwatch 2?

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There is a way to make use of this tool on both PC and Console and here we indicate what you should do:

Ping on PC: this involves holding down the G key on the keyboard or the mouse scroll wheel, to do this mechanic we get attention on an enemy or some side of the map that our teammates may be ignoring.

In the case of the console:
it is necessary to press the left button of the directional D-pad, this allows us to have access to ping, in addition to allowing us to highlight enemies, places of interest, in this sense, it is necessary to take care of customizing the links of keys in controller settings to make firefights less complex.

It should be noted that this is a game that has been somewhat bumpy since its launch, however, the developers have been in charge of generating fixes and are even usually still working on some solutions to improve it and make the game experience better. Be much more favorable.

In this sense, knowing How to ping in Overwatch 2 offers us the possibility of applying the mechanics according to the platform where we are playing and thus gain an advantage in the game.

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