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2022-10-10 08:50:47

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It is necessary to take into account that the queue is not usually stuck at 2000, this is usually nothing more than a placeholder that usually determines the waiting time to enter a server, there is a possibility that this number can increase or drop, predicting it is difficult, we just have to wait for the queue until Blizzard takes care of solving it, it is possible to shorten the time and this makes it necessary to wait in a queue, changing the region to Asia can favor us, only this can be done only when playing on PC and through the application.

There is a chance that some players will miraculously pass this queue and be able to access the game, in this case it becomes possible to start a multiplayer game, only there is a high chance that the friends list will simply not appear.

 We conclude this guide on How to fix Overwatch 2 queue does not move, for now there is no other fix that allows us to get rid of the error, we hope that Blizzard solves this as soon as possible because it is a promising game.

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