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2022-10-10 08:36:00

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Getting problems in games is normal, only sometimes they bother, let's see How to Fix Overwatch 2 Error starting game, trying again.

What is the error when starting the game, try again from Overwatch 2?

  This is an inconvenience that we must face in this game and that is part of the many errors that we have had to solve little by little, this is annoying because it does not allow us to enjoy the game as we should, it should be noted that this error is not new, and it is that it appeared in Overwatch  1 so it should not be taken as something strange, a bit annoying yes, because it affects the game experience.

How to Fix Overwatch 2 Error starting game, trying again?

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This is a problem that usually occurs to players from a specific region, this usually comes from the Blizzard servers, this implies that we can not do anything, just wait until it is resolved, for now, we can connect to a different region and check if the problem still persists, make use of the VPN service or disable them if they are usually being used, these are temporary actions to be carried out while an official fix emerges.

  This is all we know about How to Fix Overwatch 2 Error starting game, trying again, we must wait until Blizzard is in charge of solving it and we will be soon, we will be reporting any news in this way.

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