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Outer Worlds: How Long to Beat

2019-10-24 13:56:01

As we already know Outer Worlds is a new game and there are many players who want to prove their life, in this guide we will tell you How Long to Beat it

  Obsidian Entertainment presents its new role-playing game Outer Worlds, and many of the fans of the games always wonder when they start any game in which they want to immerse themselves in their world how long it takes to finish it, because here we will tell you.

How Long to Beat the main story of Outer Worlds?

   This impressive Outer Worlds game requires you to walk through many planets in the Halcyon colony, in this game we have a main story that we have to complete, it is a route that will depend on your decision you make on the history route, if all you are looking for is follow only this main story, that is to say, everything else is obvious, it is possible that you finish the game in ten or 12 hours, everything will depend on what you choose.

   If you take the task of doing only the main story that will be the average duration, but you would miss most of the game content, such as a variety of side missions, as well as many tasks that you must complete, in the same way there are many Complementary missions and faction missions, so doing all this would take much longer.

How Long to Beat the entire game Outer Worlds?

   If you want to explore all the content of the game and complete it 100 percent sure you need to know how long it takes to finish it, we can tell you that it would take an approximate time of 40 to 45 hours, it is important that you keep in mind that the choice is a big part of this game, and it is possible that more content is created, but it depends on your concerns, you could also make the main story and know part of the game and then play it completely.

   Thank you for always being with us, we hope our guide has been helpful to you in Outer Worlds now you know How Long to Beat it, remember that you could make the main story so that you get familiar with the game and then play it completely, it's your decision.

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