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Delve into the universe of Outer Worlds Murder On Eridanos, because today we are going to tell you how to get the Needler.

What to know about Outer Worlds Murder On Eridanos?

A series of new weapons has been added to this game, where the Needler stands out, it is an interesting weapon, which does not require reloading and can be changed ammunition class, between Rid O 'Life, Casutolerene and Debilerol, then know How Getting the Needler is something necessary and here we are going to guide you with the precise details, let's see.
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    How to get the Needler in Outer Worlds Murder On Eridanos?

    It is necessary that we progress in the main story of the game until we meet the mission of the naked hunch, for its respective unlocking we must give the name of murderer to the administrator Ludovico, in the search we will arrive at a Rizzo distillation factory, here is We have to talk to the terminal to request that the fog be removed from a glass, then discover that Halcyon Helen is alive, when we speak with this we have a couple of options, which is to decide one side, without with the administrator Ludovico or that of Halcyon Helen, at the end of this regardless of the decision we get the Needler, but if we go to Ludovico's side we can get it faster, while on Helen's side we have to go to level 40 persuasion or more for the same.


    •  With Ludovico: we must progress in the mission until we reach the pilot's house, here it is necessary that the larvae be dispersed, where we will kill Halcyon Helen prior to this dispersal, managing to obtain the Needler once we kill her.
    • With Helen: here our escape from the distillation installation is necessary to reach the attic, this in the great colonial, in a room we meet Helen, when we speak with her we ask her for the Needler, but we cannot obtain it if we do not have the persuasion level 40, you have to make her happy and persuade her until she hands us the weapon, you just have to meet the persuasion level requirement and choose the option of not so fast, lend me your Needler, this is how we get it.

     It is evident that knowing how to get the Needler allows us to have more fun in Outer Worlds Murder On Eridanos.

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