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Outer Worlds: How To Get The Fallbrook Domicile Key

2019-10-30 07:51:02

Find out the right way to get Fallbrook home key in Outer Worlds. All details will be shown below.

 In this new delivery of Outer Worlds, we will be guiding you to get the Fallbrook house key, as you will need it to get a house in Fallbrook. So keep reading.

How to get the Fallbrook home key in Outer Worlds?

First of all you have to play the campaign until you get to Monarch. Then add Nyoka to the party at the Stellar Bay bar and cure her hangover. After that, you can inspect Monarch, to find information. It's worth mentioning that in your travels, you will pass a deal known as Fallbrook, which you must enter.

In doing so, you will notice that Catherine Malin will be in her bar, halfway down the street where the settlement begins. So you'll have to go in and talk to her to let her know that you need a room. You should know that the price may vary, so if you agree to pay it, you can get the Fallbrook Key Domicile and then go to your new home.

Advantages of the Fallbrook Domicile in Supernova

If you're playing in difficult Supernova mode, it will provide you with a safe place on a dangerous planet, without you having to head back to your ship.

Now that you know how to get key to Fallbrook's home in Outer Worlds, it's time to put it into practice.

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