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Outer Worlds: Distress Signal Quest Guide - tips and tricks

2019-10-29 08:18:23

In this Outer Worlds guide, we are going to teach you how to complete the distress signals mission.

The mission of distress signals is carried out on the planet Terra 2, exactly in a place called Roseway, this is an abandoned space in which Gladys emphasizes, this is reflected when we are going to buy the navigation key for a value of 10,000 bits, which the Captain needs and that is on board the Groundbreaker, since he has the option to make an expedition where he will venture to a moon named Monarch, all this is framed in the Search for the main story of Passge to Anywhere, because this trip requires you to recover 3 secrets and return them to Gladys.

How to complete the mission of distress signals in Outer Worlds?

The first thing to know about the Distress Signs Mission is that this is only an important secondary mission, and that it must be able to talk with 3 scientists to complete it, since they have been working on an experimental investigation with Raptidones. wild, this can be discovered very easily and occurs once we have managed to land on the platform and make a small excursion west on Roseway, where we will see new corpses, when talking with scientists we will discover the location and nature, about the research, We noticed that the Raptidones have escaped and now only corporate secrets remain in these laboratories that are infected in Outer Worlds.

On the other hand in Outer Worlds, when we manage to recover the investigation of everything that has happened in the laboratories we have two options to choose what to do with it, the first is simply to return it to the scientists who have been working on the subject, or the second option which is to return to Gladys aboard the ship, which completes our search, only that the navigation key is still available for purchase in the game.

Which scientists to talk to complete the distress signals mission in Outer Worlds?

* Orson Shaw.

Before describing what this scientist does it is good to know that here we can get the Acid Steeper, in order to unlock our partner Sam.

However, to initiate the mission of distress signals, the first thing to do before arriving at Orson Shaw is to dispatch the marauders who are inside, and to be able to enter the room it is necessary to remove a key card from one of the corpses, upon entering we see Anton's schemes hanging on a wall, we can sell them to Gladys, then we find that Orson is working on new schemes for a gun, which apart from being new is more powerful and is called a hammer In Vulcan, these schemes are stored stored in the right middle of the map, and this is on the Roseway landing platform.

* Anton Crane.

Here it is important to know that we can sell Antonys research to Gladys or return it to its owner for a certain price at Outer Worlds.

The research carried out by this scientist is called Doom that Came to Roseway, and it is located in the southwest of the laboratory, in a safe, the same place where the Orson schemes were found, this is an option that will take out the captain of the untrustworthy, when the area is finally cleared, the protagonist will find the head of the outlaws, trapped in a room with an access card, she is Cassandra O'Malley, there the boss can assure her a Exit, which includes two possibilities, one is to print the key card at the Porter office and the second option is to clear the dock, this is achieved by talking with the Chief Porter, but in return you will lose the investigation you have stolen,

In this part of the Mission of distress signals it is necessary on the one hand to deal with the Raptidones that are loose by the laboratory and on the other hand to eliminate the outlaws, so here the most convenient and easy thing is to shoot them, but this spills blood and it dirty everything, so we can look for three boats of sedative gas, it will be more comfortable, but that does not end here, because we will have to activate this gas at the southern end of the room, since here is Queen Raptidon.

* Vaughn Cortes.

Vaughn's investigation can be sold to Gladys or returned to its owner, although there is also the possibility of delivering Vaughn to Anton.

Vaugh Cortes is the third scientist, this is an amateur alchemist who was making an aphrodisiac derived from Raptidon when the laboratory had to be evicted in Outer Worlds, so, we will have to find the console of the room, n the map of the laboratory, really He was a scientist with very important skills in Outer Worlds.

Here we have two options, one is to recalibrate the experiment, because in this way we can recover this valuable research, on the other hand we just complete the experiment and now, the decision is ours.

To close, one way or another we must use the scientists to complete the mission of distress signals in Outer Worlds.

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