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Find out How to get jelly beans in this excellent and explanatory Ooblets guide.

What to know about the gummies in Ooblets?

Gummies are necessary for everything in this game, from seeds to furniture, this is because this is like the currency with which we will get everything, now it is necessary taking into account that we understand how to get gummies and for this we will focus In the content to be presented in this guide from now on, let's pay close attention then.
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How to get gummies in Ooblets?

Making scientific discoveries in relation to the species can generate a certain amount of 50 gummies for each occasion, this is possible in Rugnolia and with the scientist who lives in Badgetown, when carrying out a scan with her machine, especially if we have the possibility of obtaining Ooblets new, at some point as this machine progresses, it will be on the farm outside, so the orders that are presented to us from Plenny's Bulk can be completed, a way to generate gummies as payment for searching missions, to deliveries of some objects among the that are for example beds and seeds, for this reason we generate up to 600 gummies, something that is well remunerated for our objectives.

Other answers to How to obtain gummies are wisdom, which is like a second currency that we find in the game, certainly few common and tangible, but it is possible to make exchange for the gummies, although the exchange of Wshies for them is not common , since this may depend on a series of improvements to be made from the wishing well, otherwise for 50 Wishies we can obtain 100 gummies, also in Badgetown we can carry out the sale of objects with the purpose of obtaining the gummies, Here we will find some merchants with sales of seeds, furniture, clothing and more, although they are also willing to buy, it is important to highlight the price, which is not so appropriate the one they pay for our sales but if any object is no longer necessary we can dispose of them this way and profit from something, being Meed's Seeds the place where we will sell our farm objects.

 Obviously, knowing how to get jelly beans allows us to have more fun in Ooblets.

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