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Ninjala definitely allows us to do some cool stuff as this lets us know how to customize your character

  Like all games, knowing how to customize your character turns out to be an interesting activity and obviously in this game that option could not be left aside since it allows us to have a much more striking appearance, the important thing here is to get to mix the outfit that most attract attention or simply go with our taste, because although it turns out to be very colorful from the beginning there is the possibility of giving it some personal touch with which it is possible to identify ourselves.
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    How to customize your character in Ninjala?

    When we start the game we choose the character that we like or that simply seems more interesting to us but it is not necessary to leave him with this physical aspect, since there is the possibility of getting some accessories, some changes in the voice and face that allow us to give him some different appearance, making sure to make a choice as perfect as possible at the beginning, since it is not ideal to get a character that needs to have to gather some materials, for these changes it is necessary.


    •  Go to the main menu and get the hanger icon.
    • Being here it is necessary to use L and R, this allows us to switch between the menus.
    • We can customize every minimal aspect of our avatar, counting on clothing color, skin, in short.
    • We can change the face of our character with other faces that we have unlocked or purchased.


     How to get clothes and accessories in Ninjala?

    There are two possibilities to do it, on the one hand we can get it as we progress in the game simply by the most comfortable way, buying them in the store, but for this we require Jala, the premium currency and this must be bought in the store that has a cart icon.

    Another alternative is to buy the season's battle pass since this allows us to receive some costume rewards, in addition to Jala to acquire some implements in the store, but all this involves real money, without spending money it is also possible to get them only that we It will take a long time since it will be necessary to play enough.

     This is all you need to know about how to customize your character, because just not all the time we have to have the same outfit and sound when there are varieties in Ninjala.

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