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In case you still do not know how to eliminate Whipped Cream on Pokémon Café Mix, in this article you will find the answer.

What is Pokémon Café Mix whipped cream for?

This is an item that works similarly to sugar cubes, which they will have to destroy in order to complete the recipe they are working on. The problem is that since they move too much it can be difficult to nail them, in this sense it will be best to use the least amount of turns to get them to the bottom of the board.

How to eliminate Whipped Cream on Pokémon Café Mix?

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To eliminate the whipped cream we have to take it to the bottom, for this we have to shake it during the first or second turn, while connecting the Pokémon with the largest number of heads on the board. When you take it to the bottom you can get the Coffee skill on your first turn, remember that you only need three hits from a Pokémon game to eliminate them, but you will disappear with only one hit of a Coffee skill.

You can also drag the Pokemon link across the whipped cream tiles, causing the tiles to switch places, and you can connect a Pokemon game and pull the entire game through a stack of them at the start, shortening the task, giving you You can earn more golden acorns.

This is all you need to know about how to eliminate Whipped Cream on Pokémon Café Mix, we hope that this article will be of the greatest use and that you get the most out of it now that you have it and you know how to eliminate Whipped Cream in various ways.

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