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Zero Caliber VR Guide: How to Level Up Easily

2019-05-28 20:10:28

Developed by XREAL Games, Zero Caliber, is a military videogame exclusively directed to VR technology and it's expected that at the moment it will only be available for PC.

Your goal in Zero Caliber VR, fight with your friends in cooperative, put together tactics to achieve victory, and in general save humanity from disaster.

Zero Caliber VR will allow you to customize weapons, as well as having a very interesting story, realistic handling of weapons and physics in an immersive environment.

Zero Caliber VR: Tutorial, let's learn how to shoot!

Level up in Zero Caliber VR.

Once you've your Virtual Reality helmet you'll be ready to start the mission, and what everyone wants to do right at the start is to know how to level up in Zero Caliber VR without many complications.

It is difficult to establish a way to level up quickly in Zero Caliber VR if we consider that it's still a new video game and XREAL Games could launch a new patch and render obsolete and out of service any solution to that concern.

However, we've an answer to how to level up in Zero Caliber that you can use right now to level up and not miss the opportunity to take advantage of this guide.

To begin with, you must have arrived at the "friendly fire" mission, in which you must capture a bunker in a training exercise. A super-fast mission in which you can win completion awards check in 3400xp and lots of XP to help you level up.

When you start the mission you'll have to run to the enemy bunker, push on the back of the bunker and climb the stairs to finish the level.

After you've finished you'll be removed from there and you'll see the final mission screen, instead of going back to the main menu, press the menu button on the left RV controller and select the restart mission. Clarify and repeat.

Doing this mission several times can make you climb a few levels.

You can also complete achievements to get XP.

As you try to make headshots to receive XP, this can really help you win XP very fast. For this we recommend you keep your gun pointed at an average height where you can keep it allowing you to do it relatively quickly but that in turn allows you to see the laser and in which direction it points.

In the same way obviously having a good weapon is very helpful for this option, if you can get a G3 rifle or a Deagle and if you also have a good place to position yourself and wait for the perfect moment to pull the trigger then perfect.

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